What type of Waste Disposal can we help you with?

January 19, 2021by Jasen Robalo

FLR Waste Services, the new division of Fenceline Rentals, is a dependable, local waste management company to support your waste needs. We can help with waste disposal in commercial & business sectors, construction & demolition, residential and municipal areas.

Commercial & Business

We can customize a waste management plan for your office, store, hotel, restaurant, hospital or education centre. FLR Waste Services can work with your budget and schedule to serve your waste collection needs.

Construction & Demolition

Whether it’s wood, drywall, plastic, cardboard or any other common construction or demolition material, we’ve got your garbage bin rental, waste disposal and recycling needs covered.


We’ve supported hundreds of renovation projects over the years and have the experience to help you determine the right garbage bin rental program for yours.


Our dependable, local waste management company can support your municipal curb side garbage and recycling programs. From full-service, curb side collection and waste disposal to garbage bin rental and placement programs, we have multiple levels of service we can provide for your municipality.

FLR ensures all curb side and multi-family waste, recycling and organics collection is done safely and economically. We also commit to abiding by the highest standards in waste and materials management, so your objectives meet regulatory compliance, as well as the safety standards of our community.

Unsure of what type of garbage bins to rent? Not to worry. One of our service representatives will help you customize the right waste disposal or recycling solution for your needs. Contact us at info@flrwaste.com