Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Home Renovation Waste Removal

June 23, 2021by Tedi Benza

Home renovations big and small take a lot of work and planning. Whether you are building your dream home, redoing your yard, purging your junk or tackling some other makeover from your ‘to-do’ list, you must have a plan for proper waste management.

Hiring a professional for your residential waste removal is a safer, more convenient and more cost-effective option than taking this work on yourself. Plus, your waste removal company can help you recycle much of your debris, making your project more environmentally friendly.

Let’s explore all the reasons why professional waste disposal is the best choice for your next residential project.



Anyone who has done any amount of home repair knows that safety should always come first. Yet not everyone considers the inherent risks of larger scale waste disposal. Sure, you can easily carry your kitchen trash down your driveway. But handling and disposing of waste from residential projects is best left to the professionals.

Namely, using professionals will lower your risk of injuries or strains. Even disease can be a risk when dealing with waste disposal on your own.



Many people love to tackle home renovations themselves, which while difficult and time-consuming, can still be quite fun and rewarding. Not so with waste disposal.

Proper waste disposal requires equipment and know-how that most people simply don’t have. Meanwhile, a professional waste removal company like FLR Waste Services has the expertise and ability to easily remove your waste, which of course is much more convenient.

For example, every home renovation project is unique and requires a different sized garbage bin. At FLR, we offer the following bin sizes, taking the guess work out of waste removal:

12 Cubic Yard “Mini” Garbage Bins – ideal for a small house (approximately 1,200 s.f.) renovation, minor remodel, roofing job, landscaping project, garage purge or basement declutter.

15 Cubic Yard Garbage Bins – ideal for a small house (approximately 1,200 s.f.) renovation, minor remodel, roofing job, landscaping project, clean out or garage purge.

18 Cubic Yard Garbage Bins – ideal for a medium-sized house (approximately 2,000 s.f.) renovation, remodel, roofing job, landscaping project, clean out or garage purge.

30 Cubic Yard Garbage Bins – ideal for a medium-large sized house (approximately 3,000 s.f.) renovation, remodel, demolition job, or large landscaping project.

40 Cubic Yard Garbage Bins – ideal for a large house (approximately 4,000+ s.f.) renovation, major construction, demolition job, or large landscaping project.

So when working with FLR, you’ll have access to exactly the right bin for your job. Learn more about roll-off garbage bin options here.



Sure, doing it yourself seems cheaper. But when you factor in the facts that messes and improper disposal can lead to headaches and fines, and that injuries can also be expensive, professional waste disposal is often much more cost-effective in the long run.

Plus, at FLR we offer simple contracts <we don’t ask for contracts for residential service> and flexible service, saving you time and money for your waste disposal needs.


Environmentally Friendly

No one wants to send more waste to the dump than is necessary. But managing recycling for a large scale project can be challenging. One of the many benefits of working with FLR is that we offer a recycling service for common construction and demolition materials like wood, cardboard, plastic, concrete and asphalt.  

So, work with a professional for your waste removal, and your home renovation or other residential project can become a whole lot cleaner and greener.


If you are in the Greater Edmonton Area and starting a new home project, remember that every renovation is different and requires different solutions. We’ve supported hundreds of residential renovation projects over the years, so we have the experience to help you determine just the right garbage bin rental program for your needs. To learn more, please get in touch.