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March 1, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Looking for Waste Disposal Bins for your business? Check out FLR Waste Services.

FLR Waste Services provides waste disposal and recycling containers for any type of commercial, construction, or residential project, in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We offer a single point of contact, with great customer service and full disclosure pricing. Whether you are doing spring cleaning, renovating your home, or have a large industrial project, you can rely on FLR Waste Services to meet your waste and recycling needs.

For large projects, FLR Waste Services has five unique roll-off bin sizes ranging from 12 to 40 cubic yards. We carry compactors, dirt and concrete bins, as well as lidded bins for when containment is required.

FLR Waste Services also offers front load bins in 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard sizes. These types of bins are great for small spaces because they are much smaller than roll-off style bins and they can be easily moved around, which can save you time and labour costs. Scheduled waste collection programs are available.

Check out our website or reach out to us directly here.

flr front load garbage bin
flr front load garbage bin

Roll-Off Bin Truck


February 22, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Are large projects with a lot of waste your bread and butter? Maybe you do small projects with minimal waste. Whatever the case, you’re in luck. FLR Waste Services has roll off bins from 12 yards to 40 yards, so no matter the size of your project, we’ve got the dimensions covered. We carry compactors, dirt and concrete bins, as well as lidded bins for when containment is required. Roll off bins are versatile and sturdy in order to carry the heaviest loads. We can haul any non-hazardous materials and we can also recycle certain materials. Roll off bins are perfect for any construction project or demolition.

What can you expect from a roll off rental?

  • Specialized bins for heavy loads like concrete
  • Bins can be used for a day, a week or permanent
  • What can you put in the bin? Click the link to see what is allowed in our bins and what is not allowed.
  • The perfect size bin for whatever project you’re doing

Unsure of what size bin you need? Call or email our specialist to help you pick the perfect bin or check our bin size list here.

February 8, 2021by Jasen Robalo

Need a dependable, local waste management company to support your municipal curb side garbage and recycling programs?

FLR Waste Services is an Edmonton-based company, with over two decades of waste disposal experience. As a local company, we understand Edmonton and surrounding area municipal and government facilities have different waste programs in place. Considering all of the unique needs of schools, offices, healthcare facilities and leisure centres, it may seem challenging to keep waste diversion flexible and within budget.

We can:

  • Provide full-service, curb side collection and waste disposal
  • Provide garbage bin rental and placement programs
  • Meet your budget requirements and diversion goals
  • Tailor customized waste collection programs
  • Consistently and effectively divert your community’s waste
  • Commit to abiding by the highest standards in waste and materials management

Let’s work together to create a flexible and budget-conscious program.

FLR Waste Municipal
Flr Waste Truck at curb side waste pick up

January 23, 2021by Jasen Robalo

FLR Waste can tailor a waste management plan for your budget and schedule. Do you operate an office, retail store, shopping plaza, multifamily residence, entertainment venue, hotel, restaurant, hospital or education centre? FLR Waste offers a wide range of commercial garbage bin sizes. We can customize pick-up schedules and provide prompt customer service. Let us create an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective program to suit the specific needs of your business.

Roll-Off Bins or Front Load Bins?

For commercial garbage needs and a long-term waste management solution, we have five unique roll-off garbage bin sizes ranging from 12 to 40 cubic yards. They are sturdy enough to carry heavy loads. In addition, they can be combined with a compactor to maximize your waste efficiency.

Front Load garbage bins can be an efficient option to manage waste for your organization. We offer 3, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yard front load bins that are compact. They are easy to move around and perfect for tight spaces.

flr front load garbage bin
flr front load garbage bin

Check out our Waste Brochure for more information.